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Canadian Ship Sinks off Coast of Brazil

February 21, 2010 — The 64 survivors of a Canadian sailing vessel that sank off the coast of Brazil are now heading home.

A Canadian ship used as a class afloat capsized this week amidst a powerful storm. It was travelling along the coast of Brazil when gusty winds, heavy rain and large waves took over.

All 64 people on board were rescued by a Brazillian naval vessel.

The ship was on a five-month voyage that allows students in grades 11 and 12 and the first year of college to study while sailing around the world.

'The vessel generally follows the fair weather around the world so we are always at the best area at the right season for that,'Concordia Captain William Curry told a press conference. 'So, that was the forecast (of bad weather), and we began preparations for this weather at least a day ahead, notifying the students and faculty, that it was going to get rougher.'

Teachers, students and crews spent 16 hours in life rafts before being rescued.

The continuing bad weather delayed their arrival, but the survivors eventually made their way to Rio de Janeiro.

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