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Fair fall weekend in Ontario

Sunny and seasonal conditions return to southern Ontario
Sunny and seasonal conditions return to southern Ontario

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

October 16, 2010 — After rain and wind swept parts of Ontario, a seasonal and dry weekend is in store for the region.

Peak wind gusts from Friday.
Peak wind gusts from Friday.

People in Ontario were busy puddle-jumping on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, and it was all courtesy of a cold front.

A system swept across the region, bringing widespread heavy rain to the southern part of the province. 28 mm fell in Hamilton, 20 mm was recorded in Windsor, and Sarnia was soaked with about 30 mm. Thunder and lightning was also reported in the city Thursday morning.

26 mm of rain was reported at the Toronto Island Airport, not far from the downtown core. A large area of the city was also left without power, right in the middle of the morning rush.

A windy but fair fall weekend is in store.
A windy but fair fall weekend is in store.

The rain tapered on Friday, but some areas were dealing with gusty conditions. “The backside of the Nor'Easter that pummlled Atlantic Canada brought strong winds to the region,” explains Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist with The Weather Network. The gusts had many people holding onto their hats on Friday. Long Point, on Lake Erie, felt gusts swoop in at 69 km/h. The city was also feeling fairly breezy. Pearson International Airport clocked gusts at 65 km/h, while the powerful winds hit Ottawa's Macdonald-Cartier International Airport at 50 km/h.

Still, conditions remained dry and it will be the same story throughout the weekend.

“Temperatures may be feeling a little cooler than they have been across southern Ontario this weekend, but the region will stay clear and dry,” says Mark Robinson, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. It'll also still be breezy, but not like Friday's conditions.

To stay up-to-date on your local forecast, click our Ontario Cities Index. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV, where the Regional Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

With files from Jill Colton and Andrea Stockton

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