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Oil oozes in Singapore waters

May 25, 2010 — An oil tanker and bulk carrier collided in Singapore and now oil is spilling into the waters there.

The clean up is already underway.

After a tanker and bulk carrier collided on Tuesday, about 2,500 tonnes of oil has spilled into the waters between Singapore and Malaysia.

So far there's been no reports of injuries among the 50 crew members. And workers actually stayed on site to help with clean up efforts. They're using oil dispersants to try and break up the blobs of oil. Skimmers and containment booms are also being used.

200 other people have been put on standby for clean up in case the oil starts to creep towards the shoreline.

The coast guard says the impact of the collision created a 10 metre gash in the left side of the vessel.

This is an all too familiar story for those dealing with the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. An oil rig exploded and later sank and has been leaking oil for over a month now.

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