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Heavy Snow for Saskatchewan

A low pressure system heading north from Montana will bring a mix of rain and heavy, wet snow to Southern Saskatchewan beginning overnight and into Thanksgiving Sunday.

A low pressure system, developing over Wyoming and Montana, is heading north and will cross into Saskatchewan sometime overnight Saturday.

The area around Regina north to Yorkton to just west of Moose Jaw, south to Estevan and east to Brandon is currently on track to receive the heaviest snow beginning Saturday night and spreading northwestward during the day Sunday. As the diagram to the right suggests, the area just south of Estevan is forecast to be hit the hardest and is at risk to get up to 30 cm of heavy, wet snow.

As this low is still developing the track and intensity remains uncertain. It is too early to determine exactly where most of the snow will fall, how much will be rain and where the rain-snow boundaries will set up.

Depending on when this system moves into Saskatchewan snow fall amounts could be significant. Since this is a developing weather event be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for parts of Saskatchewan.

Regina Snow Facts

- The City averages 7.1 cm of snow in the month of October.
- Most daily snowfall for Octber was 26.4cm on October 16, 1984.
- Also saw 21.6 cm of snow on September 22, 1934.

Snow is not that unusual for Regina in October.

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