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Ski season underway in the Maritimes

Shelley Steeves, reporter
January 6, 2012 — After a soggy end to 2011, the slopes are ready for carving again in parts of the Maritimes.

Ski season is underway in the Maritimes!
Ski season is underway in the Maritimes!

Mother Nature was definitely smiling on Wentworth ski hill this week. A welcome sight after the struggles they've had with the weather so far this season.

“Well it started out great we got open before Christmas and then the wet weather came and it's just been sort of an up and down roller coaster ride,” says Leslie Wilson, the General Manager of Ski Wentworth. “But we think things have changed now. The weather has turned and we are making tons of snow. And now it's natural snow as well so I think we are moving forward now.”

At least she hopes so!

When the weather is mild one day and cold the next, it's tougher to get people some come out at all.

“If they wake up in the morning and it's misty they may think of there can't be any skiing today. But it's proof here that there's not of snow and conditions are excellent.”

Ski operators have also been making snow
Ski operators have also been making snow

But that likely wouldn't be the case at all if it weren't for these man made machines.

“We had upgrades and doubled our snow making capability two years ago when we hosted the Canada Winter Games and that's made a word of difference,” she says. “I don't know if we'd even be open right now if it wasn't for that increase in snow making capacity. So without it I don't think we'd be skiing here right now.”

So now Leslie is hoping for consistent snowfall and plenty of cold weather so they can keep up the snow making and hopefully get all the trails open and end the year with a fantastic season.

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