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Severe Thunderstorm Risk for Southern Saskatchewan

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

September 14, 2009 — Thunderstorms are expected across Southern Saskatchewan beginning Monday morning and continuing this afternoon into the evening period.

The area around Saskatoon to south of Regina could see severe thunderstorms.

Today's warm, humid weather in southern Saskatchewan will mix with cold air high in the upper atmosphere to cause thunderstorms with the risk of becoming severe.

These storms could include golf ball size hail in addition to heavy rain and strong winds. A weak area of low pressure moving through the area this afternoon could add to the instability.

The risk of tornadoes is limited for most of central and eastern Saskatchewan. The area could see wind shearing, which could result in funnel clouds and tornadoes. Today, timing is the key with tornadic activity for this area. Drier air is also forecast to move into Southern Saskatchewan later this afternoon, which would reduce the chance for storms to develop in the region. Thunderstorms have the potential to include dangerous and damaging weather so pay attention to storm warnings for your area.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest on these storms as they develop. Be safe, learn more about Lightning Safety and how to stay safe during a tornado.

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