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Snow Angels to the rescue

Jill Colton, staff writer

January 16, 2011 — When it comes to snow, there's a group of kids that are on a mission to shovel it.

The Snow Angels march to their next pile of snow.
The Snow Angels march to their next pile of snow.

They're called the Snow Angels and they're on the lookout for any piles on sidewalks and driveways all to help out the community.

The purpose of the program is to clear snow from city sidewalks and driveway entrances left by ploughs and create a path to the client's door. This act of kindness makes it easier for the elderly or sick who are unable to shovel themselves.

“I like doing it because I like helping people and it's fun to be out with your friends,” says determined Snow Angel Emily.

Terry Scouten introduced the project this year. She's a student mentor with Cathy Wever Elementary School in Hamilton. “They (the kids) definitely know about acts of kindness and good deeds because we focus on this at Cathy Wever. It's a very important thing in our school environment and now we're bringing it out into the community.”

Working hard shovelling snow.
Working hard shovelling snow.

The Cathy Wever Snow Angels currently have 10 members on the team and more are on the way. “We can only take out 10 at a time so they're not missing too much school.”

The program was inspired by an individual who was equally devoted to community service. “Our school is named after Cathy Wever, who was a police officer in our community. She was all about helping others and we're very proud that our school is named after her. We want to do the same thing Cathy did for our community,” says Scouten passionately.

The Snow Angels hope the program acts as a 'chain of kindness' for others. “We want to inspire other schools and other organizations to do the exact same thing; we want to start a chain reaction.”

Regardless, there's no doubt these kids have big hearts and a vision. Snow Angel Emily puts it best when she says, “I just hope I can make a difference by doing this.”

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