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Prairies see signs of winter

A snowy Hallowe'en display
A snowy Hallowe'en display

Lisa Varano, staff writer

October 25, 2010 — Major cities in the Prairies are seeing some flurries early this week as temperatures get colder.

Feeling more like winter across the Prairies
Feeling more like winter across the Prairies

Cold air from the north is infiltrating the Prairies and major cities are seeing signs of winter.

“The ingredients are there. Cold air is moving in behind a cold front. And there is some moisture that is lingering. The result is a few flurries,” says Greg Stephens, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Edmonton in particular picked up around two centimetres of snow on Sunday and a rain snow-snow mix remains in the forecast through Monday afternoon. Calgary could also see flurries through the afternoon hours.

Trace amounts of snow are expected in Saskatoon Monday evening through Tuesday morning and Regina is at risk on Tuesday as well. Areas farther north in Saskatchewan could see as much as 15 cm of snow by the time this storm is through.

And it will certainly be feeling like winter across the Prairie provinces as well. Temperatures have already dropped in Alberta, and it's only getting cooler. Some cities will see daytime highs below the freezing mark for the next couple of days.

Recent snowfall in Grimshaw, Alberta
Recent snowfall in Grimshaw, Alberta

But in northern parts of the Prairies, snow has blanketed the ground over the past few days in places like Fort McMurray and High Level, Alberta.

In the past week, snow has also stuck to the ground in other regions of Canada. A fresh layer of snow coated parts of southern Ontario but it soon melted.

For a look at which parts of the country have snow on the ground right now, check out the snow report. Gear up for the next season by finding out which areas are preparing for a stormy winter.

With files from Andrea Stockton

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