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Snowstorm could hit Ontario

A walk in the Toronto snow in early January
A walk in the Toronto snow in early January

Lisa Varano, staff writer

January 29, 2011 — A potential snowstorm could hit southern Ontario by the middle of the week.

Chace and Strider take a snow day
Chace and Strider take a snow day

Meteorologists at The Weather Network say an early February snowstorm is possible in southern Ontario.

Forecast models this weekend suggest the snowstorm could bring up to 20 cm of snow by mid-week. But meteorologists emphasize that could change.

“This has the potential to be quite an intense snowstorm -- just really depending on how it tracks,” says Michelle Cassar, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

“If it tracks a little farther north, we may get quite a dumping of snow. If it tracks to our south, snowfall amounts might not be that much. It might not last very long.”

Keep checking your local forecast because the storm track, amount of snow, and even the type of precipitation may all be updated.

Toronto's February snowstorms in perspective
Toronto's February snowstorms in perspective

Based on the weekend forecast, Toronto may see one to three centimetres of snow on Tuesday, and about 15 cm of snow on Wednesday. But these projections are not set in stone because the storm is still several days away.

“It's bound to change the closer we get to the event,” says Cassar.

A low pressure system is expected to gather moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and move from the Texas panhandle to the Midwestern states this week. It looks like the low will move towards the Great Lakes and southern Ontario beginning on Tuesday.

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