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Snowstorm Evacuations in Southern Alberta

May 2, 2010 — With the recent wave of snowy weather, many aboriginals in southern Alberta have been forced to leave their homes.

Old Man Winter has helped to drive out residents of an aboriginal reserve in southern Alberta.

The Canadian Red Cross has set up two shelters to help those who have had to evacutate their homes.

Many houses have taken a major weather beating. The systems of snow have helped to flood basements and set off power outages. About 200 homes on the Blood Tribe reserve in southeastern Alberta have been affected. Around 1,200 people live on the reserve which is located near Stand Off Alberta (180 kilometers south of Calgary).

To help house and feed more than 100 people who've been seriously affected by the stormy weather, Alberta's national relief organization opened two shelters on Friday.

Around 50 cots have been set up in Stand Off, and another 50 are located at the Moses Lake Shelter and Soup Kitchen near Cardston, Alberta.

The shelters have opened their doors for those who are looking for a hot meal and shower, and the facilities will stay open until at least Monday.

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