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Soggy system prompts flood concerns in Atlantic Canada

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

April 29, 2011 — A soggy system hit Atlantic Canada this week and put flood forecasters in New Brunswick on alert.

Flood waters are expected to rise in New Brunswick this weekend
Flood waters are expected to rise in New Brunswick this weekend

The same system that has been bringing instability and severe storms to Ontario, along with damaging winds, pushed into the Maritimes Wednesday night.

Heavy rain soaked the region, and quickly had some residents packing their bags.

“I am heading to Samana, Dominican in about two hours and we're looking forward to some sun,” said one Monctonian on Wednesday. “And hopefully when we get back this will be all done and we will be ready to start the summer.”

For others though, anything is better than the winter the region faced.

“It was a very rough winter that we had here in Moncton, snowstorms just about every day here in January. So a little rain now, not a problem, believe me not a problem at all. Definitely better than snow.”

Soggy sytem soaks Atlantic Canada
Soggy sytem soaks Atlantic Canada

Although some didn't seem to mind the onset of wet weather, the recent system has emergency officials on high alert.

The Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) issued a public advisory on Tuesday. Officials say the heavy rain could increase water levels in low lying areas and residents should be aware of the risks involved with fast moving water.

Flood waters are expected to meet and even exceed flood stage in some areas along the Saint John river and it's tributaries this weekend. People in low lying areas are being told to move whatever they can to higher ground.

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With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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