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Ontario Gets a Taste of Winter

February 10, 2010 — A light dusting of snow made for a slow commute in and around Toronto this morning. Now, this low pressure system is headed towards Atlantic Canada.

It wasn't a BLAST of winter, but it was certainly a taste.

Especially considering how few storms we've had this winter.

The same system that's currently hammering the eastern United States brushed past southern Ontario Tuesday night and into Wednesday. It brought about 20 centimetres of snow to Windsor, while London saw about 6 centimetres.

There was even less recorded at Toronto's Pearson Airport, but there was still enough to make for slick driving conditions.

Once it's finished dumping heavy amounts of snow in the United States, this massive low pressure system will begin targeting Atlantic Canada. But it won't have nearly the same impact north of the border.

'The Canadian Maritimes are going to get off lucky with this,' says Chris Scott, Forecast Operations Manager at The Weather Network. 'It looks like most of that storm will stay out to sea. So yet again, the states get really hit hard by this, and us in the Maritimes, we miss the bulk of the storm.'

For more details on what you can expect across the country today, click the video above.

If you were affected by today's wintery weather, upload your photos and videos to our 'Your Weather' Gallery.

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