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Clear up for southern Ontario

May 23, 2010 — It's been a bit of a dreary start to the Victoria Day long weekend, but don't worry, the weather is on the upswing! Check out the video to see how others are celebrating the holiday.

We're full swing into the May long weekend -- and the weather has been a little soggy so far. Yesterday, the skies were grey and there were on and off showers throughout most of southern Ontario. At times, certain areas even saw non-severe thundershowers. However, temperatures were mild -- so it wasn't all bad.

But that's all about to change starting later this morning. Break out your BBQ because you'll definitely want to be outside today. This morning, there will be significant cloud cover, but by the early afternoon -- get ready for a lot of sunshine! Temperatures will be resting in the low twenties, but with the humidex it'll feel closer to 28 degrees! Keep some water with you, because the muggy weather may have you sweating.

But for those of you that are getting up to the cottage late, keep your driving in control because police will be out in full force patrolling the highways.

Sergeant David Woodford is with the Ontario Provincial Police and he says highway safety on a holiday weekend is crucial, especially when you're carrying extra 'luggage.' “On Friday morning we saw trailer after trailer. A lot of boat trailers and drivers hauling the ATV's behind their vehicles.”

Woodford warns that for those planning on getting in their boat, the water is still cold despite the recent hot weather. “Make sure that you have extra clothing on if you're in your boat. Take extra caution out there because if anything happens and you go overboard or something like that, you don't want to have hypothermia.”

And for all you looking to soak up sun this weekend, you're in luck, because the weather is going to get even better.

For Holiday Monday we're calling for bright skies and temperatures in the high twenties. And if you factor in the humidex it'll feel closer to the low thirties.

That's a big improvement from the last couple of May long weekends. In 2008, the city didn't even crack 11 degrees. And last year, the temperature was just shy of 15.

If you're planning on staying home this weekend and want to get to some yard work done, we have some great lawn tips for you.

And for all the latest details on the weather in your area, be sure to tune into The Weather Network on TV. Your Regional Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of each hour.

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