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Southern Newfoundland in a state of ruins

Click on the above image to see videos and photos of Hurricane Igor
Click on the above image to see videos and photos of Hurricane Igor

Jill Colton, staff writer

September 21, 2010 — The RCMP says flooding rains have left the Burin Peninsula's 20,000 residents cut off from the rest of the province, as Hurricane Igor continues to hammer the region.

Boat washed up in Lady Cove
Boat washed up in Lady Cove

The Burin Peninsula is bearing the brunt of Hurricane Igor.

According to the RCMP, rain has completely washed out the Rattling Brook Bridge on Route 210, cutting off the peninsula's only link to the Trans Canada Highway. In fact, roads all over the peninsula have been washed out or submerged, including the town of Clarenville. Robert Hiscock, Chief Administrative Officer in Clarenville, NL spoke to The Weather Network earlier today. He says that not only is the town isolated because the Trans-Canada is closed on both sides, but other infrastructure is being affected. “...some abutments are being undermined on various bridges and concrete structures, and we expect we'll lose them.”

Between 150 and 200+ mm of rain is expected to completely wash out parts of Newfoundland as Igor continues to swing towards the province's east coast leaving at least seven communities under a state of emergency. “We have declared a state of emergency. We have evacuated a number of areas in town, where we felt there was property damage or there was a threat to life safety. We've evacuated these people to the town's arena and some of the school's gymnasiums,” explains Hiscock.

Raging river in Clarenville, earlier on Tuesday
Raging river in Clarenville, earlier on Tuesday

The Town council in Marystown has declared a state of emergency because of the all the washouts for the town to handle as well as the town of Glovertown and according to Mayor Peter Lush, residents in Gambo south have been evacuated.

Meanwhile, the Town of Sunnyside is also under a state of emergency after heavy rains flushed out their main road at Badger Brook. According to officials, the town no longer has water and sewer. A huge crater in the middle of the road has practically cut the town in two. Residents living in the upper part of the community can get out, whereas those in the lower part are cut off.

“The situation is extremely bad, emergency crew have been out since 4 a.m. this morning. We have reports of structures being demolished...some people are in threat of losing their own homes.”

Disaster volunteers and staff with the Canadian Red Cross are assisting authorities in Clarenville. Two comfort centres for residents have been set up for those that have left their homes due to flooding associated with Igor. The centres are located in the Clarenville Middle School and the Event Centre, and will remain open until local officials decide otherwise.

Many towns are also experiencing power outages, from electrical lines that have been downed by the ferocious hurricane-force winds. Other regions across Newfoundland are also being affected by the shearing winds.

Roads are shut down from Charleston, Southern Bay, Summerville, Princetown and the highway between Southern Bay and Trinity. Police are asking everyone to stay off the roads and remain inside.

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