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Southern Ontario winter outlook 2011 / 2012

November 29, 2011 — Southern Ontario might see a mild winter -- but that doesn't mean the season will be calm. Find out more as The Weather Network meteorologists release their outlook for December 2011 and January and February 2012.

Toronto might see its share of snow this winter
Toronto might see its share of snow this winter

Winter is just around the corner in southern Ontario, and meteorologists at The Weather Network say the region could see average precipitation throughout the season, along with some flurries.

“[Southern Ontario] will see some storms move in from the west that will bring some snow. We'll also see storms from the south ... and that could bring in milder air. That could potentially mean we'll see some ... sloppy storm systems, where we could go from snow, to freezing rain, to rain,” explains Martin Bélanger, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

While temperatures are expected to be above seasonal throughout the winter, southern Ontario may see its share of lake effect snow.

That's because the Great Lakes are still quite warm, thanks to an unusually hot summer combined with a mild fall season.

In fact, this winter could mimic the winter season of 1971 / 1972. That year Toronto saw mild temperatures - in addition to receiving 136 cm of snow - which is more than the city saw in the winter of 1998 / 1999, when the army had to be called in to help with cleanup.

We'll have to wait until the season is over before meteorologists can tally up the final numbers, but it might be a good time to consider trading in your rake - for a shovel.

Wondering what the winter season will be like in your area this year? Check out The Weather Network's 2011/2012 Winter Outlook.

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