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Snow for Southern Ontario

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

January 17, 2009 — A low pressure system is moving across Southern Ontario bringing up to 20 cm of snow locally and winds that will reduce visibility on the roads.

Atlantic Canada is still in the grips of the Arctic air mass that has kept Ontario in a deep freeze for days. Temperatures will rise in the East on Sunday in time for the low pressure system moving across Southern Ontario to bring snow, rain and freezing. The low pressure system is helping to change the temperatures in Southern Ontario but snow is part of the story as well.

Snow is already falling in southwestern Ontario. The Windsor - London - Hamilton corridor could see 10 - 15 cm Saturday afternoon and overnight into Sunday. Winds could gust up to 25km/h blowing snow around and reducing visibility.

Flurries are expected to start in the GTA early Saturday afternoon with snow falling overnight and into Sunday. Up to 15 cm of snow is possible before the system moves out Sunday afternoon.

The Bruce Peninsula and Georgian Bay areas could see closer to 20 cm with lake enhanced snow.

The Kingston - Ottawa area will see snow starting late Saturday afternoon and could see up to 10 cm of snow before the system moves out on Sunday.

Great Lakes Ice Over
It is not unusual for the Great Lakes to ice over during the winter. This winter, however, it is happening earlier and more rapidly than usual. The recent cold temperatures have caused sections of all the lakes to ice over much sooner than normal. Northern Lake Huron where it meets Lake Michigan has started to freeze where traditionally ice doesn't form. Georgian Bay is almost half covered with ice and Lake Erie, the shallowest great lake, is almost completely ice covered.

What does all this ice mean? More ice means less open water for the cold North/Northwest winds to sweep across and pick up moisture that turns into Lake Effect Snow (LES). More ice will help to lessen the LES for the areas around the Bruce Peninsula and Georgian Bay.

Snowfall Warnings are currently in effect across Southern Ontario.

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