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Water Levels Receding in Spain

February 25, 2010 — The floods have stabilized in Spain, but more rain is expected over the next few days.

Water levels have finally started to go down in the Spanish cities of Cordoba and Jaen, after days of heavy rain and intense flooding.

A major river in the Andalusia region burst its' banks earlier this week, spilling water into hundreds of homes. Families were evacuated and told to stay in shelters and hotels, but many feared that their homes would be burglarized.

The heavy rain also cut off dozens of roads, rail and air access to several cities.

One distressed resident said, 'animals, food are all in the streets. These things don't really matter. But we are left without food, clothes, nothing.'

'It's very sad to be left without anything,' added another.

The rain stopped overnight, but the national meteorological agency is forecasting more rain over the next few days.

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