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Spring 2010 Outlook

March 4, 2010 — The Weather Network’s spring outlook is calling for near normal conditions across much of the country, with above normal temperatures dominating the early part of the season for Western and Northern Canada.

'Spring weather across most of the country can seem like a roller coaster,' says Chris Scott, Forecast Operations Manager with The Weather Network. 'It’s all about the sun this time of the year as it packs a greater energy punch than in the fall. Until mid-April, many regions are still susceptible to winter’s bite when clouds and precipitation prevent the sun from heating the ground. We often see the temperature roller coaster right through to the Victoria Day holiday in May, so Canadians shouldn’t worry when those cooler days happen, it’s normal for this time of year.'

Regional Breakdown
British Columbia
The weakening El Niño will continue to affect British Columbia, bringing above normal temperatures to the west coast. Most southwestern areas of the province can expect below normal precipitation.

Near normal temperatures and precipitation to dominate the region. Slightly above normal precipitation is expected for Southeast Saskatchewan and Southwest Manitoba.

Ontario & Québec
Near normal temperatures and precipitation for most of Ontario and Quebec. Slightly below normal temperatures are forecast for sections of Southern Ontario and below normal precipitation for the Central Great Lakes region.

Atlantic Canada
Near normal temperatures and precipitation for the Atlantic Provinces. Above normal temperatures are expected for Labrador and most of Newfoundland.

Northern Canada
Above normal temperatures are expected to dominate the region. Below normal precipitation is forecast for Central and Western Nunavut.

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