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Spring Outlook 2011

2011 Spring temperature outlook. Click on the map to enlarge.
2011 Spring temperature outlook. Click on the map to enlarge.

March 7, 2011 — The Weather Network's Spring Outlook has been released! According to this seasonal forecast, most of Canada can look forward to typical spring weather that will arrive right on schedule.

2011 Spring precipitation outlook. Click on the map to enlarge.
2011 Spring precipitation outlook. Click on the map to enlarge.

While meteorologists at The Weather Network are predicting near normal spring conditions for most of Canada, some regions can expect patterns that fall outside of normal averages. Much of Western Canada will be cooler than normal. In the east, from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland below normal precipitation amounts are expected. See our breakdown by region below.

British Columbia
The persistence of La Niña (although it is weakening) will tend to bring cold, dry arctic air through B.C., which will result in lower than normal temperatures province-wide. La Niña also influences the Pacific jet stream, which will likely bring in more precipitation than normal to south coastal areas and the lower mainland.

Alberta and Saskatchewan
Typical spring temperatures and precipitation can be expected for these provinces with the exception of western Alberta, where the cold pattern expected to dominate B.C. will extend east.

While temperatures for Manitoba will be near normal, the southern part of the province will be wetter than usual for the season, especially the southeast. The rest of the province should see normal precipitation amounts.

With normal spring temperatures expected for the entire province, much of Ontario should see above normal precipitation amounts, thanks to an active weather season expected for the U.S., which will see more storms track into the Great Lakes basin than usual.

Temperatures are predicted to be near normal for the province. Wetter than normal conditions are expected for the area close to the north and central Ontario border, and dryer than normal conditions are expected in the far north. Other regions should see near normal precipitation amounts, although they could be slightly above average in the Upper St. Lawrence Valley including Montreal.

Atlantic Canada
Conditions include near normal temperatures for the majority of the region, with the exception of a few coastal areas including Cape Breton and the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland where milder temperatures are expected. Precipitation will be near normal across New Brunswick, Labrador and the western tip of P.E.I., and drier than normal for eastern P.E.I., Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
Below normal temperatures are forecast for the Yukon and southwest regions of the N.W.T., and above normal temperatures for north and central Nunavut. Elsewhere will be near normal. Precipitation amounts are expected to be below normal in the Yukon, N.W.T., and central and most of eastern Nunavut, with near normal amounts elsewhere.

Regional Breakdown – Forecast and Averages
CityTemperature ForecastPrecipitation ForecastAverage temperaturesAverage Precipitation
VancouverBelow normalAbove normalHigh 13
Low 6
Mean 9
266 mm
CalgaryBelow normalNear normalHigh 10
Low -2
Mean 4
102 mm
EdmontonBelow normalNear normalHigh 10
Low -3
Mean 3
92 mm
ReginaNear normalNear normalHigh 10
Low -3
Mean 4
95 mm
SaskatoonNear normalNear normalHigh 9
Low -3
Mean 4
88 mm
WinnipegNear normalAbove normalHigh 10
Low -3
Mean 3
112 mm
Thunder BayNear normalAbove normalHigh 9
Low -4
Mean 2
150 mm
OttawaNear normalNear normalHigh 11
Low 0
Mean 6
225 mm
TorontoNear normalNear normalHigh 12
Low 1
Mean 6
198 mm
MontrealNear normalNear normalHigh 11
Low 1
Mean 6
228 mm
FrederictonNear normalNear normalHigh 10
Low -1
Mean 4
286 mm
CharlottetownNear normalBelow normalHigh 7
Low -2
Mean 3
277 mm
HalifaxNear normalBelow normalHigh 9
Low -1
Mean 4
363 mm
St. John'sAbove normalBelow normalHigh 6
Low -2
Mean 2
354 mm
IqaluitNear normalBelow normalHigh -10
Low -19
Mean -14
77 mm
YellowknifeBelow normalBelow normalHigh 0
Low -11
Mean -6
43 mm
WhitehorseBelow normalBelow normalHigh 6
Low -5
Mean 0
33 mm

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