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Springing into fitness

Gardening burns many calories
Gardening burns many calories

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

April 30, 2011 — Spring has sprung. For some, that means taking advantage of more pleasant weather and getting fit.

Outdoor spring activity can improve cardiovascular fitness
Outdoor spring activity can improve cardiovascular fitness

A common New Year's resolution for many people is to get fit and become more healthy. For most, this trend generally ends after a few months because of a lack of interest or motivation.

However, spring weather can usually provide adequate inspiration for people trying to get fit. From biking and rollerblading to jogging or even going for a brisk walk, spring is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

And if you're not a fan of the outdoors, milder temperatures are certainly one encouraging way to step into the elements.

“It's easier for people who are already interested in exercise, ” says Personal Trainer Specialist, Ruby Sultana. “For people in general, it's a good way to spend more time outside and at least, you're less likely to sit at home and be inactive.”

In terms of an a particular exercise regime, Sultana suggests being active in general is helpful.

“You should start out slow if you're not used to rigorous exercise. Going for a walk can be great, or you can kick around a ball in the backyard.”

Another great aspect about working out outside is that it's free. So, if the gym fees are putting a dent in your wallet, you don't have to fret anymore and actually save money.

Fitness experts say gardening is also a fantastic way to get into shape during the spring season. Actions like standing, stooping or weeding are great ways to burn up to 300 calories.

So, grab a pair of outdoor shoes, maybe a light jacket, and make the best of this spring season.

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