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Commuter Alert for Southern Ontario

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

February 17, 2009 — The Wednesday morning commute will be slow due to snow turning to rain later in the day.

A low pressure system is slated to affect much of Eastern Canada starting this evening.

Northern Ontario
it will affect Northern Ontario today with snow, including the nickelbelt. The snow will become heavier tomorrow morning with the main wave of moisture coming for the region. By Thursday morning, it is expected up to 30cm of snow will have accumulate around Sudbury and North Bay.

Southern Ontario
For Southern Ontario, the snow will start to creep in around the overnight hours near the Windsor area. The snow will continue to push northeastward, reaching the Greater Toronto Area through Georgian Bay during the Wednesday morning commute. The system is also bringing in warm air with it; extreme Southwestern Ontario will see the snow switching over to rain Wednesday morning. The switch over will occur Wednesday afternoon for the Golden Horseshoe and will occur Wednesday evening for areas on the south side of Georgian Bay. Up to 5cm of snow will accumulate along the 401 before the switchover, and up to 15cm for areas near Lake Simcoe.

Eastern Ontario and Quebec
For Eastern Ontario, snow will dominate much of the event. By Wednesday noon hour, the snow will have arrived. Wednesday afternoon is when snow will make its appearance in Ottawa and Montreal. Ottawa and Montreal will stay in the snow throughout this storm while Kingston will see a switchover to rain Wednesday overnight. There has not been much snow for Ottawa and Montreal. On average, between 40 and 50cm of snow accumulates around the area for the month for February. So far this month, the cities have only received 1-2cm. The system will bring up to 15cm of snow for both cities.

The system will miss Newfoundland but will impact the Maritimes beginning Thursday with rain for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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