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Major rain for British Columbia's north coast

BC is no stranger to Fall storms
BC is no stranger to Fall storms

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

October 6, 2010 — After a soggy September, people living on British Columbia's north and central coast are getting soaked with yet another round of heavy rain.

Rainfall totals expected through Wednesday
Rainfall totals expected through Wednesday

Here we go again! You can bet that's what people living on British Columbia's central and north coast are thinking.

Another low pressure system has rolled in off the Pacific, bringing heavy amounts of rain with it. Up to 180 mm of rain is possible in some northern coastal communities through Thursday.

“A semi-winter weather pattern is inundating the B.C. coast with rain. We're seeing low after low hammer the coast,” says Mark Robinson, a meteorologist working at The Weather Network. Patrick Cool, another meteorologist at The Weather Network adds,“In addition to heavy amounts of rain, there's also the potential for some gusty winds.”

Bella Coola, a central coast town hit hard by a rainstorm last month, is escaping the worst of this system. But another low is coming in for the weekend and it is expected to bring heavy rain to the town.

Repair crews are still working to fix a highway that connects Bella Coola to the B.C. interior. The highway was washed out in a storm in late September, isolating the town.

“The jet stream is steering these areas of low pressure to the north and central coast, which is why that part of B.C. is seeing all the rain and strong wind,” says Michelle Cassar, another meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

Heavy rain and gusty winds are expected
Heavy rain and gusty winds are expected

Just over a week ago, a powerful storm brought flooding rains to the community of Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island. B.C. First Nations leaders are asking for financial help for those affected.

The month of September also brought near-record rain to the city of Vancouver. However, the city is looking at mainly dry conditions over the next couple of days because the area is protected by a ridge. But by the end of the week, some showers could move in to the southern region of the province.

To stay on top of your local weather forecast, make sure you click our British Columbia Cities Index. You can also tune in to The Weather Network on TV, where the National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

With files from Lisa Varano

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