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Storms soak southern Ontario

Over 50 mm of rain soaked Kitchener
Over 50 mm of rain soaked Kitchener

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

August 15, 2011 — Thunderstorms that rolled through Ontario Sunday brought upwards of 50 mm of rain to some areas.

Thunderstorm risk on Monday
Thunderstorm risk on Monday

It was an active end to the weekend in parts of southern Ontario. A low pressure system combined with daytime heating helped to spark some powerful thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening hours.

Several communities reported pea-sized hail, frequent lightning and loud bursts of thunder. A funnel cloud was also reported along Highway 115 near Lindsay.

The biggest story however, was the heavy rain. In Kitchener, over 50 mm of rain was recorded, while areas further east like Trenton and Ottawa saw closer to 30 mm.

Storm sewers in the region had a tough time keeping up causing localized flooding on city streets and highways.

Conditions began to improve early Monday morning, but there's the potential for more isolated thunderstorms throughout the day. Environment Canada issued a special weather statement warning of heavy downpours with 30 to 50 mm of rain.

Rain water can affect the electronics in a car
Rain water can affect the electronics in a car

Heavy rain flooded parts of Ontario early last week and daily rainfall records were even broken in a couple of areas as well.

Quite the contrast from July when conditions were exceptionally dry across the region. It was actually Windsor's hottest month ever and the city may have set a new national record.

So far this month, parts of southern Ontario have already seen more rain than what was recorded for all of July. While lawns and gardens have been waiting for this drenching, motorists are urged to adjust their driving habits to avoid a waterlogged vehicle.

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