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Strong winds in Ontario set power records

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

October 28, 2010 — Wind farms in Ontario set a record on Wednesday as howling gusts powered nearly one million homes.

Strong winds helped to set power records in Ontario Wednesday
Strong winds helped to set power records in Ontario Wednesday

A massive low pressure system that swept into Ontario on Tuesday brought heavy rain and gusty winds with it.

And while the winds were stong enough to knock down trees and leave some residents in the dark, they were also powerful enough to set a record.

Terry Young is with the Independent Electricity System Operator and he says the wind output in Ontario Wednesday powered around 900,000 homes. That's nearly six percent of the province's total demand for power.

Young says that the record wind power felt this week has been extremely encouraging. “Ontario has made a commitment for more renewable sources of power like wind and so when you see that impact then you can see the kind of contribution wind can make in terms of meeting electricity need.”

He adds that the current trend in Ontario will continue to pick up. “Over the next five years you're going to see a lot more wind in service than we have right now.”

The new record for hourly output that was reached on Wednesday is more power than what a large nuclear generator could produce.

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