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Sunday storm for Ontario and Quebec

Parts of Ontario and Quebec could get a decent shot of snow Sunday and into Monday
Parts of Ontario and Quebec could get a decent shot of snow Sunday and into Monday

Chris Scott, meteorologist

December 9, 2010 — The Weather Network is tracking a storm that could bring snow to southern Ontario and Quebec.

There is a lot of buzz already about the potential for a major winter storm hitting Southern Ontario and Quebec Sunday into Monday. Here’s what we know so far:

  • There is still significant uncertainty about the track and details of the storm, but it is likely this will be a substantial winter storm for at least parts of Southern Ontario and Quebec.
  • The energy for this storm is still back across the Gulf of Alaska, so the storm system hasn’t even formed yet.
  • Precipitation from this storm will likely start Saturday night in Southern Ontario, working east into Quebec on Sunday. The storm will likely have an impact into Monday.
  • The Maritimes will see primarily rain, along with wind from the storm, Sunday night into Monday.
  • Snowfall amounts will depend on the track and intensity of the storm. There is potential of 15-25 cm of snow in the hardest hit places in Ontario and Quebec.
  • If the centre of the low tracks over Southern Ontario and Quebec, snowfall amounts would be lower since some rain or wet snow would be likely close to Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the U.S. border. A track farther east toward the U.S. East Coast would reduce snowfall amounts for Southern Ontario, but would translate into more snow in southern Quebec.
  • It is a guarantee that the air behind this storm on Monday will be the coldest so far this season, will create significant wind chills and blowing snow. Snow squalls off Lake Huron and Georgian Bay may produce near-blizzard conditions on Monday morning in parts of the snow belts.

We’ll start to fine tune this more on Thursday and put some more specifics to the forecast. There is still a significant range of possible snowfall amounts for a city like Toronto – the key thing here is to check our forecast over the next couple days as we pin this down. Saturday night through Monday morning is the main time frame when this weather mischief will unfold… stay tuned.

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