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Winter-like storm tracks through Ontario and Quebec

December 12, 2010 — The Weather Network is tracking a messy storm that is bringing snow to Ontario and Quebec.

Expected snowfall in southern Ontario
Expected snowfall in southern Ontario

Chris Scott, meteorologist

Warm air has won the initial battle with this storm across Southern Ontario. The rain-snow line was far enough north Sunday morning to spare much of the Greater Toronto Area from heavy wet snow. A changeover back to wet snow will occur later Sunday. While accumulations for the big cities around Lake Ontario will be low, it will be important to shovel whatever wet snow can stick this evening before cold air rushes in tonight.

This storm is living up to its billing for the places predicted to see the heaviest snow from the Bruce Peninsula to Parry Sound to North Bay. In excess of 30 cm is possible by Monday morning in these areas and long distance driving is not encouraged.

The Ottawa and St. Lawrence Valleys are seeing a bit of everything falling from the sky, with freezing rain being the primary concern. Travel by road (or by foot for that matter), will be dangerous in the nationís capital and through parts of southern Quebec before temperatures finally scrape above freezing later Sunday. A changeover back to snow will occur on Monday.

The 401 and 402 corridors from London to Windsor will continue to see some wet snow through the afternoon. While not a huge snow storm, the slush will freeze this evening making for slippery conditions. Snow squalls are a guarantee to develop later tonight into Monday off Lake Huron. It looks like the heaviest band will be hitting areas near Strathroy for much of Monday. London will be very close to this more intense band Ė at this point, the strongest squall may stay just west of London during the time itís putting down the heaviest snow, but itís a close call. Squalls off Georgian Bay may stay west of highway 400 on Monday which would give commuters from Barrie a much-needed break.

Rain forecast for the Maritimes
Rain forecast for the Maritimes

The rain on the way for the Maritimes will come. The consensus with the latest computer model guidance has slowed the progression of the front bringing the rain, and reduced amounts slightly, with the heaviest rain likely over western New Brunswick and western Nova Scotia on Monday Ė still a soggy time to come.

Whatís in store after this storm is done? Well, it appears that cold air should stick around until Christmas across much of Ontario and Quebec. While there donít appear to be any big winter storms on the charts over the next 10 days, our forecast team will keep watching. Weíll be busy in Western Canada as well trying to figure out whether mild Pacific air will beat out cold arctic air in the weather version of the battle of Alberta Ė no shortages of forecast challenges this time of year!

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