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Sunny, spring weekend in southern Ontario

Duck swimming in warmer water
Duck swimming in warmer water

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

March 31, 2011 — After a wet and dreary day on Thursday, the sunshine is set to return to southern Ontario for the weekend.

Sun returns on the weekend
Sun returns on the weekend

Cold and warm air has been battling it out in southern Ontario recently. And although the spring season has officially arrived, some areas are still dealing with wintery conditions.

On Thursday, residents faced a messy mix for the morning commute. Light snow coupled with periods of rain was enough to cause some problems on the roads.

That's likely because drivers were caught off guard. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies earlier this week had most people thinking winter was done.

“Typically we have to get through the first week of April in southern Ontario to say we've really cleared the threat of significant snow,” says Chris Scott, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “Some years we have seen snow later than that, but typically in a place like Toronto, if you can get by April 10th and 15th, you've pretty much said, ok, spring is here and we're done!”

So, patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to dealing with the weather in Ontario.

The good news is, the wet and dreary conditions will move out in time for the weekend. Temperatures will also soar into the double digits, so dust off those roller blades and head outside.

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