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System drenches Atlantic Canada

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer
October 20, 2011 — A fall storm that lashed Atlantic Canada brought significant amounts of rain to some communities.

Heavy rain floods a backyard in Halifax, NS
Heavy rain floods a backyard in Halifax, NS

The same fall storm that hammered Ontario on Wednesday brought gusty winds and heavy amounts of rain to Atlantic Canada Thursday.

In fact, Halifax has recorded a whopping 111 mm of rain so far and 99 mm has fallen in Kejimkujik, Nova Scotia. That amount of rain made it Halifax's wettest October day ever.

Shelley Steeves has been reporting from Moncton, New Brunswick. She says the heavy rain and wind could cause problems for some residents.

“It's really coming at a bad time, because a lot of the leaves have already fallen off the trees and are filling up some catch basins. That could lead to some localized flooding.”

Drivers should also take their time on the roadways to avoid the risk of hydroplaning. The right tire can help. Residents are also reminded to have their sump pumps ready at their homes to avoid basement flooding.

By Thursday evening, water was pooling on roadways and backyards in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Sidewalks were submerged along Main Street in Moncton, while roads were flooded in parts of Halifax. Several residents in Dartmouth had to be evacuated from their homes because of the floods.

Rainfall records for October 20
Rainfall records for October 20

The upside to the stormy weather in Atlantic Canada is that temperatures have been on the mild side. Throughout the day Thursday, temperatures were in the mid to upper teens and twenties.

“It almost had a tropical-like feel,” said Steeves, “but you definitely needed an umbrella.”

For a closer look at the weather forecast, be sure to check our Canadian Cities Index.

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