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The risks of driving in wet weather

Sana Ahmed, staff writer
October 25, 2011 — Careless driving during wet weather can have potentially dangerous and expensive consequences.

It's advisable to stay away from flooded streets when driving
It's advisable to stay away from flooded streets when driving

Last week’s heavy rain in the Maritimes caused flash flooding in many areas. Some streets looked like rivers. While most drivers attempt to drive cautiously in such conditions, there are many who aren’t careful enough.

According to car experts, driving recklessly on flooded streets can be damaging to a vehicle.

“If you drive through deep water, the ignition system could get wet, which cause a vehicle to stall,” says Ralph MacKay, from MacKay’s Auto Repair.

MacKay points out that he helped one customer whose car’s engine was full of water. The engine will suck water into the cylinders. As a result, the engine will stop quickly. MacKay’s even had cars towed in where the engines were completely ruined.

Experts recommend avoiding roads that are flooded, because not only can it be risky, but if your car gets ruined, you’ll be left with hefty bills afterwards.

With files from Shelley Steeves

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