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The time for winter tires is now

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

November 3, 2010 — The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is recommending that drivers install their winter tires before heavy snow begins to blanket the roads.

Snow falls in Kearney, Ontario at the end of October
Snow falls in Kearney, Ontario at the end of October

With it being a La Niña year, forecasters say there's the potential for an early and wicked winter ahead.

Signs of the season are already popping up across the country and CAA is recommending that drivers take the necessary precautions like installing winter tires.

“Winter tires should be installed when the temperature outside reaches between seven degrees Celsius or below,” says Silvana Aceto with the CAA. “And the reason for that is because all season tires in that kind of temperature, they become really hard and they lose their elasticity and that means you're going to see reduced traction, reduced handling and reduced cornering.”

Brace for a potentially snowy winter this year
Brace for a potentially snowy winter this year

While it's important to slow down during the frosty months, having winter tires as opposed to all seasons can have a significant impact on safety on the roads.

“Winter tires are specifically designed and meant to be used during the winter months, so in cold weather, during snow storms or on ice covered roads, so they're meant and are designed for those types of conditions,” says Aceto.

She adds that in terms of braking distances, winter tires even allow for about 25 percent shorter or two vehicle lengths compared to all season tires.

Be sure to check the Canadian Cities Index before you head out during the frosty months ahead.

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