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Top 5 weather-related movies!

Jill Colton, staff writer

June 20, 2010 — What's better than the weather? Well, the combination of weather and cinema of course! From an animated flick to a documentary, film critic and author Richard Crouse tells us about his top 5 favourite weather-related movies ever. What films do you think made the list?


So why did Richard put this movie in his top 5 weather-related films of all time? “Because it's so over the top and the special effects are crazy!” he says. Richard also did some research and found out this little known funny fact about the production. “The actual sound of the twister is a camel's moan, that was slowed down. That's the sound you hear every time the 'tornado' rips through a house or shoots a tractor into the sky!”


Well, besides the fact this movie boasted an all-star cast that included George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, Richard likes it because it's really all about the weather. “It's a movie that has all kinds of storm-related activities, including 100 foot waves, gale force winds on the Atlantic, and thunderstorms.” But what sets this movie apart from others is that, “...for some of the scenes, they're not even using special effects. Because they were shooting the movie on the edge of Hurricane Floyd, they used real live hurricane footage in the actual film.” How authentic is that?


“This movie was directed by Roland Emmerich (aka the Master of Disaster). And for this movie, he decided to go all out on the theme of global warming. It pretty much has it all -- from a storm surge that takes over Manhattan to part of the world freezing over, this film is about weather gone bad”. Richard adds that the movie was so special effects driven, it took over a year to complete the technical sequences. “There probably wasn't a frame in this movie that wasn't touched by a computer or a special effects expert.” And it spawned this quote, he adds:

Professor Jack Hall: 'I think we've hit a critical desalinization point.'

Assistant: 'I think that would explain what's driving this crazy weather!'


This 2006 Academy Award winning film is the only documentary on the list and pretty much a big power-point presentation, emphasizes Richard. “It starts off with a funny line from Al Gore where he says, 'I used to be the former Vice- President of the United States,' and slowly and surely the film outlines the process of what's happening right now with global warming.”


This animated 3-D adventure film is based on a best selling children's book by Judi Barrett -- and it focuses on a small town where food falls from the sky. It's number one on Richard's list for several reasons. “Great voice work (especially with Mr. T), it's a perfect movie for the entire family, the visuals are amazing and it has a story line that parents can watch over and over again with their kids.”

Honourary Mentions: Planes, Trains and Automobiles and The Weather Man


The Weather Network's Chris St. Clair also has a favourite weather movie -- GROUNDHOG DAY!

So what makes this film so special for Chris? “It's just got a really great story. I like the idea of a new future, and the groundhog of course. I really think this day should be a national holiday, it's so fun!”

So what are your favourite weather movies? Can you think of some that weren't on the list? Become a fan of ours on Facebook and you can get involved with our discussions from weather movies to the local forecast!

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