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Top 10 videos: December 3

December 3, 2010 — Time for our weekly recap of the best videos from the past seven days. Take a look at the top ten videos that made the cut.

We get a lot of footage each week here at The Weather Network, so we decided to share our favourites with you. Here are the weather videos that had people talking in Canada and around the world this week.

  • #10 -- Near Quito, Ecuador. The volcano, whose name means ´Throat of Fire´erupted on December 1, sending clouds of ash for miles and expelling huge glowing rocks that were several metres in diameter into the air.
  • #9 -- Kamakura, Japan. Here's an environmentally friendly way to light up your Christmas tree! This aquarium in Japan has been harnessing the power of electric eels.
  • #8 --London, Ont. Here's Moo-chi the cat trying to capture all the flakes flying in London, Ontario. Thanks to Cassie for catching the fun on video.
  • #7 -- London, England. They're not used to this much snow across a large portion of Europe. Check out all the snow and the travel chaos it caused in Jolly old England.
  • #6 -- Oakville, Ont. it was quite the opposite in Oakville. Temperatures in the double digits brought out the duffers for probably the last time this year.
  • #5 -- Buford, Ga. The winds from an EF2 tornado caused this extensive damage to a neighbourhood near Atlanta.
  • #4 --Montreal, Que. An icy system moved through Montreal at the beginning of last weekend causing people to pause and step lightly on their morning commute.
  • #3 -- Cranbrook, B.C. Kids were frolicking their hearts out on the fresh snow that fell in Cranbrook.
  • #2 -- Buffalo, NY Heavy lake effect snow off Lake Erie caused traffic headaches for many in Buffalo. Nearly 100 cm was recorded in some areas!
  • #1 -- Bracebridge, Ont. from heavy rain to heavy squalls. For the second time in a week, many areas in the traditional snowbelt areas of Ontario couldn't see their hand in front of them.

Those are videos ten through one for this week. Don't forget to tune into The Weather Network on TV every Friday morning for our weekly roundup of the top weather videos of the week.

The Weather Network's 'Top 10 Weather Videos' segment is created by BJ Stewart.

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