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Top 10 videos of the week: April 29

April 29, 2011 — It's time for our weekly recap of the best videos from the past seven days. Take a look at the top ten videos that made the cut.

We get a lot of footage each week here at The Weather Network, so we decided to share our favourites with you. Here are the weather videos that had people talking in Canada and around the world this week.

  • #10 -- Horhausen, Germany. Not everyone has chocolate eggs for Easter. In Germany, these people are hurling them for distance…but it only counts if they don’t break.
  • #9 -- North Bay, Ont. Crews in North Bay, Ont were struggling to contain floods probably caused by a broken beaver dam. About 4 blocks were closed off to the public while the mess was cleaned up.
  • #8 -- Fayetteville, Ark. The onslaught of wind and rain in the US has been unrelenting in recent days. Flash flooding on the highways has turned deadly in some places.
  • #7 -- Kitchener, Ont. Strong winds on this side of the border caused damage. A young woman was caught under this tree and injured her leg.
  • #6 -- Vilonia, Ark. In Vilonia, Arkansas residents returned Tuesday to their destroyed homes hoping to salvage some belongings. A tornado ripped through the town Monday evening leaving a trail of destruction more than 24 km long.
  • #5 -- Exeter, Ont. Impressive hail fell in Exeter, Ont. Jamie brought out a tennis ball to illustrate just how big it was.
  • #4 -- St Catharines, Ont. Gusts were clocked as high as 124 km/h in the Niagara region. Damage was extensive.
  • #3 -- Covington County, Miss. It might be a small one, but this tornado caught on surveillance camera ripping through a scrap yard looks pretty amazing to us.
  • #2 -- St. Louis, MO. A huge tornado slammed into the international airport in St. Louis late last week. A would-be traveler caught the swirling vortex as it approached the concourse.
  • And finally, #1 -- Tuscaloosa, Ala. This incredible tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama was well over 1.5 km wide and on the ground for as many as 4 hours. Check out the sideways tornado near the top too!

Those are videos ten through one for this week. Don't forget to tune in to The Weather Network on TV every Friday morning for our weekly roundup of the top weather videos of the week.

The Weather Network's 'Top 10 Weather Videos' segment is created by B.J. Stewart.

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