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Top 10 videos of the week: February 4

February 4, 2011 — Time for our weekly recap of the best videos from the past seven days. Take a look at the top ten videos that made the cut.

We get a lot of footage each week here at The Weather Network, so we decided to share our favourites with you. Here are the weather videos that had people talking in Canada and around the world this week.

  • #10 -- Near Kirishima, Japan. Erupting Mount Shinmoe was so explosive this week, windows shattered and the roar was so loud people 7 km away could hear it!
  • #9 -- Calgary, Alta. After a Chinook raised temperatures to the double digits, Mother Nature reminded Calgarians that theyíre still in Calgary. Heavy snow fell last weekend but it didnít seem to faze too many people.
  • #8 -- Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. No, this isnít a scene from any Canadian city in February. However, people in this Mexican border town had the same problems getting around in the icy and snowy conditions.
  • #7 -- Innisfail, Australia. After floods and heatwaves in Australia, the last thing the country needed was a category 5 cyclone. After initial reports indicated no severe damage, daylight revealed that might not be the case exactly.
  • #6 -- Denver, Colorado. The big story this week was definitely the monster storm that had half of North America in its sights. In Denver, the city suffered through heavy snow and bitterly cold temperatures.
  • #5 -- Moncton, NB. Since winter began, Moncton has seen over 200 cm of snow. And that number just keeps climbing as stormy weather continues to pummel the Maritimes this year.
  • #4 -- Oro-Station, Ont. Before the storm slammed into the Atlantic, it moved through Southern Ontario. This viewer captured his drive through the blowing snow.
  • #3 -- Waterloo, Ont. After the snow stopped, the temperatures dropped quickly creating a dangerous situation for both pedestrians and drivers alike. Look out!
  • #2 -- Ste-Julie, Que. A scary situation near Montreal in this multi-car pile up on Auto Route 20. Many tractor-trailers jackknifed and cars slid into ditches.
  • #1 -- Near Salem, NH This could qualify as a piece of modern art. Check out this car that landed perfectly on its nose!

Those are videos ten through one for this week. Don't forget to tune in to The Weather Network on TV every Friday morning for our weekly roundup of the top weather videos of the week.

This week's videos were voiced by weather presenters Kim MacDonald and Chris Murphy.

The Weather Network's 'Top 10 Weather Videos' segment is created by BJ Stewart.

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