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Top 10 videos of the week: June 24

June 24, 2011 — It's time for our weekly recap of the best videos from the past seven days. Take a look at the top ten videos that made the cut.

We get a lot of footage each week here at The Weather Network, so we decided to share our favourites with you. Here are the weather videos that had people talking in Canada and around the world this week.

  • #10 -- Villa La Angostura, Argentina. At this time of year the hills in this lake region of Argentina should be bright green and the lakes aqua blue. But a volcano in Chile has blanketed the area in depressing grey, clogging the waterways and ruining the tourist season.
  • #9 -- Trinity County, Texas. High temperatures, low humidity and strong winds made it difficult for firefighters to contain this fire in Trinity County, Texas which began on Sunday. This year, more than 1.2 million hectares have burned in the state.
  • #8 -- Springhill, NS. Sherry in Springhill, Nova Scotia picked up her camera and captured the hail as it fell during a large series of thunderstorms that roared through parts of the Maritimes over the weekend.
  • #7 -- Leamington, ON. If you were a little sluggish at work this week in southern Ontario, be sure to tell your boss it was because of two nights of thunderstorms! This was the damage left by the first storm in Leamington, Ontario that was caused by straight-line winds.
  • #6 -- Near Ailsa Craig, ON. The second night of storms began with ominous skies, but we really liked this video of the wind rippling the crops in this farmer's field.
  • #5 -- Manzanillo, Mexico. The Pacific hurricane season has got off to a quick start. Beatriz was the second named storm of the season and made these surfers in Mexico pretty happy with the waves.
  • #4 -- Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. Major flooding in northern Tennessee trapped many residents in their homes on Monday. County officials say crews are clearing downed trees and cleaning up mudslides caused by the heavy storms.
  • #3 -- Weyburn, SK. The flood situation in Saskatchewan continues to get worse as the rain just wonít stop. Thanks to Norma who took out her camera to show us what Weyburn has looked like recently.
  • #2 -- Kapiti Coast, New Zealand. Instead of Alburquerque, this 10 month old Emperor penguin made a wrong turn at Antarctica! Itís been 44 years since one of these birds has been seen in New Zealand. Experts think he was out searching for food and just got lost.
  • And finally, #1 -- Oshawa, ON. Want to see what it looks like to be out in -10 degrees and 100 km/h winds? Here's Natalie Thomas to show us...

    Those are videos ten through one for this week. Don't forget to tune in to The Weather Network on TV every Friday morning for our weekly roundup of the top weather videos of the week.

    The Weather Network's 'Top 10 Weather Videos' segment is created by B.J. Stewart.

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