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Top 10 videos of the week: June 30

June 30, 2011 — It's time for our weekly recap of the best videos from the past seven days. Take a look at the top ten videos that made the cut.

We get a lot of footage each week here at The Weather Network, so we decided to share our favourites with you. Here are the weather videos that had people talking in Canada and around the world this week.

  • #10 -- St. Thomas, ON. It was the perfect day to have your eyes on the skies in St. Thomas, Ontario on Sunday. The Great Lakes International Air Show demonstrated all kinds of flying displays and a lot of noise!
  • #9 -- Edmonton, AB. It would have been difficult to have an air show in Edmonton. Forest fires have been burning in northern Alberta and the smoke is being pushed into the city and as far down as Lethbridge.
  • #8 -- Chetwynd, BC. Very heavy rain in Chetwynd, BC washed out roads and caused damaged to a few businesses. Thanks to Gil for taking the time to send this video in.
  • #7 -- Sao Joaquim, Brazil. It is winter in the southern hemisphere, but even Brazil doesn’t usually get this cold, wind chill was a factor. It felt like -16 at the beach.
  • #6 -- Paris, France. It was a hot one in many places in Europe early this week. Temperatures soared to the high 30s. Parisians and tourists alike headed to the Eiffel Tower to soak up the unusual weather.
  • #5 -- Petawawa, ON. Juanita captured this video of the heavy rain and really strong winds that roared through Petawawa, Ontario on Tuesday night. Hail also fell and funnel clouds were reported farther east.
  • #4 -- Minot, North Dakota. While about 4,100 properties are flooded – some up to the rooftops—in Minot, North Dakota, only a fraction are covered by insurance. The Souris River has crested, but water levels are expected to remain at record levels throughout the weekend.
  • #3 -- Hafford, SK. Environment Canada hasn’t confirmed a tornado set down in Hafford, Saskatchewan, but Karen captured what is at the very least a pretty amazing funnel cloud.
  • #2 -- Near Ottawa, ON. This viewer video resulted in Environment Canada declaring Ontario’s second tornado of the year. No damage was found so it was rated an F0.
  • And finally, #1 -- Buchanan, SK. This shelf cloud looks like it belongs somewhere in the US Midwest, but it’s in Buchanan, Saskatchewan. Congratuations to Eric for making our Top Video of the Week!

    Those are videos ten through one for this week. Don't forget to tune in to The Weather Network on TV every Friday morning for our weekly roundup of the top weather videos of the week.

    The Weather Network's 'Top 10 Weather Videos' segment is created by B.J. Stewart.

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