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2009 Top Weather Stories

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

December 23, 2009 — Chris Scott, TWN Forecast Operations Manager, lists the top weather headlines from 2009

Top Stories

  • Sudden Snap to Winter - In November, winter hit hard with icy temperatures across the Prairies and heavy snow accumulations in Ontario's Snowbelt.
  • Vancouver Heat Wave - Vancouver hit an all-time high temperature record in July with 34 degrees. The interior saw even hotter temperatures resulting in hot, dry conditions that led to severe forest fires.
  • The Summer that Wasn't - while BC burned, the rest of Canada experienced a cool summer with parts of the Yukon warmer than Southern Ontario. The Prairies were cool and Eastern Canada saw a wet July that lasted until the Fall.
  • Tornado Season - Near Ear Falls, ON, three men lost their lives when a tornado hit a fishing camp on July 7th.

Biggest Story - Tornado Outbreak in Southern Ontario
On August 20th, at least a dozen tornadoes struck across Southern Ontario causing one fatality and causing widespread damage. Several tornadoes touched down in highly populated areas leading this event to be one of the most viewed weather events.

Most Viewed Story - Sudbury Hail Storm
Submitted by Chantal from Sudbury, this photo has been viewed over 194,000 times since it was posted on June 14, 2009.

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