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Tornado touchdown in Manitoba

Funnel clouds were spotted in Manitoba Saturday. (File photo)
Funnel clouds were spotted in Manitoba Saturday. (File photo)

Lisa Varano, staff writer

May 30, 2011 — A short-lived tornado was spotted on Saturday evening near St. Adolphe, south of Winnipeg, while the area was under a tornado watch, says Environment Canada.

Marble-sized hail fell in some areas, like Stonewall
Marble-sized hail fell in some areas, like Stonewall

The weather agency says it also received a few reports of funnel clouds and marble-sized hail from various locations in southern Manitoba.

Environment Canada issued a tornado watch on Saturday morning, saying weak tornadoes or funnel clouds could form in the area -- including Winnipeg and Brandon.

The funnels could “appear with little or no warning,” Environment Canada said.

“One or two of these funnels may briefly touch down and can become destructive over a very small area.”

Tornado watches are issued when the conditions are right for tornadoes to form. The ingredients in this case were: A low pressure system, daytime heating, and a moist and unstable airmass. Watches are upgraded to warnings when tornadoes are imminent or occurring.

The tornado watch statement for southern Manitoba said funnels could form by Saturday afternoon and dissipate early in the evening.

“Generally, these types of funnel clouds don't touch the ground. But there is a small chance they could. If you see one, do take shelter as a precaution,” says Michelle Cassar, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

On Monday, a rainfall warning was issued for western Manitoba with up to 60 mm possible for some places through Tuesday night. Winds gusting to 80 km/h are expected as well as the storm moves through.

If you spot a funnel cloud or tornado and you are in a safe location, call our Stormline at 1-800-463-9463.

With files from Andrea Stockton

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