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Toronto On Verge Of A New Snow Record

March 6, 2010 — It's been a pretty snowless winter for Toronto this year. We've barely had any accumulations, making it one of the barest snow seasons ever. In fact, we're on the brink of breaking a 60 year old record for lack of precipitation! Chris St. Clair has more.

Before you go putting your hat and mitts away, remember that there's still a few weeks left of winter. And that means, there's plenty of time left for snow. Dave Phillips from Environment Canada says, 'it's not unusual for the city to be teased by spring-like conditions. A year ago today, the temperature got up to 18 C, but a week later it was -12 C,' he explains. He also believes that Torontonians should get ready for a healthy dose of flurries in the next few weeks.

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