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Tourists get a glimpse of fall's finest colours

Chris Dawson, reporter
October 4, 2011 — Tourists head to North Bay, Ontario to get a unique glimpse at autumn foliage.

The cruise offers a unique perspective
The cruise offers a unique perspective

Tourists in North Bay, Ontario are lining up to get a glimpse of some of nature's finest colors.

People are flocking to the Chief Commanda II Scenic Fall Colors Cruise, which takes visitors on a two-hour tour along the North Shore of Lake Nipissing near North Bay.

This year, the tourists believe the fall colours are picture perfect.

“On our way up we noticed that there’s a lot of bright reds and oranges. It's just really beautiful this year and I think the weather has a lot to do with it being warm days and cool nights,“ said Gina Wray from Bracebridge, Ontario.

And for Calgary-based traveller Paul Gagne, the colours are especially impressive. “In the prairies we get a lot more yellows and golds -- we don’t get a lot of the reds and oranges that you do get in Ontario,“ he said. “'I grew up in this part of Ontario, but I haven’t been back here in some time. So it's actually quite spectacular to see it again.“

The combination of sunny fall days and cool nights around the North Bay area has led to what many feel has been a great season for fall colours in the region.

Warm days and cool nights combine to make great fall colours
Warm days and cool nights combine to make great fall colours

Chief Commanda II captain Richard Stivrins says that a boat cruise like this gives tourists a unique fall colors perspective.

“You can see a lot more depth [on the cruise]. If you go down a trail you can see five or six trees in the bush, but this way you actually see the contours.“ he said. “Particularly,around you get a lot of pine trees mixed in, so you get the nice rich greens, mixed with the reds that you get with the maples. There's a fair amount of poplars, so you get some bright yellows too.“

“So you get to see the vast spectrum of it.“

And although these tourists will have their photos to remember, they still realize that soon these beautiful colors will blow away with the start of the winter season.

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