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Tracking hurricanes at the museum

Shelley Steeves, reporting
October 19, 2011 — Ever wanted to learn more about hurricanes, where they come from and how they track? A new exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax could help you.

Checking out the 'Our Amazing World' exhibit at the Museum of Natural History
Checking out the 'Our Amazing World' exhibit at the Museum of Natural History

We are here in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Museum of Natural History where they have an exciting new exhibit. It's called 'Our Amazing World' and part of the exhibit focuses in on hurricane, so we are really excited to see it. And interpreter Mary MacDonald is going to show us through.

“The hurricane that affect us begin in North Western Africa,” MacDonald says while pointing at the exhibit. “The dry hot Sahara desert air mixing with the cooler moist Gulf Of Guinea Air causing the initial disturbance. It can show the entire route.”

“Last year Igor had a huge impact on Newfoundland - 24 million dollars worth of damage and we can look at Igor from the time it formed off the coast of Africa all the way up till landfall in Newfoundland,” she explains.

“This is hurricane tracking over the last 50 years. So it gives you an idea just how many hurricane and tropical cyclones, tropical storms there are over the years.”

So, why the interest in a hurricane-related exhibit?

“We always like talking about the weather here in the Maritimes. It's one of the number one topic,” says MacDonald. “So we thought everyone would really enjoy learning about the hurricanes that affect us this time of the year.”

The hurricane portion of this exhibit runs until December. That means if there is a storm that's tracking up the coast in the next few weeks you can actually come here and track it on science in a sphere in near real time.

With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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