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Travel in Santa’s footsteps

Staff writers

December 23, 2011 — Only a few more sleeps until Santa's journey around the world! The experts at NORAD will be tracking him throughout his Christmas Eve adventure.

Track Santa with NORAD this Christmas Eve
Track Santa with NORAD this Christmas Eve

Where is Santa?

Well, he's at his North Pole workshop right now. But on December 24, he'll be packing up his sleigh and taking a journey around the world.

And thanks to NORAD’S Santa Tracker, you can follow him.

Santa Claus is one of Canada's best weather experts. He is an authority on weather conditions across the country on Christmas Eve. He checks your local forecast in the days leading up to the holidays, and then makes his own firsthand weather observations on December 24 as he sweeps across Canada -- and the world -- in a flash.

NORAD, the Canadian-American agency that keeps watch on North American airspace, has been tracking Santa since 1955. NORAD says that Santa travels from east to west to take advantage of time zones.

Officials at the NORAD complex at the Canadian Forces Base in North Bay, Ontario, know the instant Santa comes back home.

“When we get indications that Santa Claus is entering Canadian air space, we will go ahead and scramble some CF-18 fighter aircraft from Newfoundland to go and meet him,” says Major Don Saunders of CFB North Bay.

Although Santa travels from east to west because of time zones, some meteorologists at The Weather Network agree that his journey would technically be faster if he went from west to east. That's the direction that the jet stream flows, so what Santa could do is get high enough in the atmosphere, get into the jet stream, and ride that right around the world.

Where's Santa now?
Where's Santa now?


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