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Tips for dressing your kids this fall

Farah Dhalla, reporting
October 12, 2011 — Looking to do some fall clothes shopping with your little one? The Weather Network has these tips.

Look for colours, quality and comfort
Look for colours, quality and comfort

With the colder months ahead, many parents are looking for ways to keep their little ones warm and trendy. A splash of colour, comfy material and the classic 'vintage' look are this years' trend setting styles.

Devorah Miller is a designer with Red Thread. She has these tips for parents looking to do some fall clothing shopping with their kids:

“Look for things like chest measurement - that's a really key element. If the armholes are sufficiently generous and the chest measurement isn't too tight - you're child will be able to wear their dresses for long.”

“I would rank comfort as the number one factor. If a child is not comfortable in something - they will not wear it.”

“Layering - particularly in Fall and Winter when we have such a big disparity between outdoor and indoor temperatures.”

“I think if you buy really smart pieces that can take both through out the year so they’re not just devoted to one season and pieces that will also grow with your child through the years – that’s a really smart way to build a wardrobe.”

Remember, bright colours, quality and comfort are the top things to look for this year.

With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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