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Tropical Storm Don headed for Texas

Tropical storm Don formed in the Gulf of Mexico
Tropical storm Don formed in the Gulf of Mexico

Alexandra Pope, staff writer

July 29, 2011 — Tropical storm Don formed over the southern Gulf of Mexico Wednesday but is not expected to churn into a hurricane.

Atlantic storm names for 2011
Atlantic storm names for 2011

Tropical storm watches and warnings are in effect from the mouth of the Rio Grande to Matagorda.

That could actually be good news for the state, which has been suffering through its worst drought since record-keeping began 116 years ago.

“Right now, the storm track does looks favourable for Tropical Storm Don to go onshore to south Texas and work its way even into west Texas as a tropical depression,” says Brian Fuchs, a climatologist at the University of Nebraska. “With this it's tricky to say just the immediate impact that will be seen. Of course, the precipitation deficits that exist will definitely improve with the substantial rain event from a tropical event. But the speed of the storm track and the path it does take will influence a great deal on how much relief will be observed from this one event.”

As of last week, more than 90 per cent of range and pastureland in Texas was reported to be in poor or very poor condition, according to the US Drought Monitor.

Don has the potential to bring much-needed moisture to areas that have not only been dry, but have also had to deal with blistering heat.

Don is not expected to develop into a hurricane

Don is the fourth named storm of the Atlantic season. Tropical storms Bret and Cindy fizzled out last week.

Hurricanes are named before they're born. Check out this year's names for Atlantic and Pacific storms.

With files from Andrea Stockton and Sana Ahmed

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