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U.S. feels the wrath of Nicole

Remnants from Tropical Storm Nicole hits the Carolinas
Remnants from Tropical Storm Nicole hits the Carolinas

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

October 1, 2010 — Tropical Storm Nicole may have only lasted for a few hours, but remnants from the storm is wreaking havoc along the Eastern Seaboard.

Streets and homes completely swamped across the northeast
Streets and homes completely swamped across the northeast

Tropical Depression 16 strengthened and formed Tropical Storm Nicole on Wednesday morning. But by the afternoon hours, the storm dissipated over the straights of Florida.

Tropical storm warnings ended for Cuba, Grand Cayman and the Bahamas on Wednesday, but in Jamaica, the death toll continues to rise. The remnants from Nicole caused severe flooding and mudslides.

The system continued to track up the U.S. Eastern Seaboard threatening many places with flash flooding.

“Flooding rains began in the Carolinas Wednesday night after the remnants from the storm moved onshore,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. “Flood watches and warnings were issued on Thursday from the Carolinas to Maine and will likely remain in place through Saturday when the rain and flooding subsides.”

Wilmington, North Carolina saw over 570 mm of rain. A state of emergency was issued ahead of the storm. Several accidents were reported due to the wet and flooded roads. At least four people were killed after their car slid off the road and tumbled into a water filled ditch.

The stormy weather has also caused major flight delays and cancellations at numerous airports along the east coast.

Atlantic hurricane season so far
Atlantic hurricane season so far

After hammering the Carolinas and Virginia, the massive system continued to make its way into New York and New England on Friday. As of 8 a.m., New York City had seen nearly 80 mm of rain. Neighbourhoods were flooded and roads were shut down, due to the impassable conditions.

While skies were beginning to clear on Friday, several communities say there are days of clean-up ahead.

Parts of eastern Canada are also feeling the effects. Areas in Quebec and New Brunswick could see between 50 and 80 mm of rain through Saturday.

The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane season will likely be one for the record books. There have already been 14 named storms this year. The average number in a regular season is 11.

To stay up-to-date on the current storm activity, head to our Tropical Storm Centre.

With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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