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Turkey Quake Survivors Living in Tents

March 9, 2010 — Survivors of Monday's earthquake in Turkey are living outdoors to avoid dangerous aftershocks.

Families huddled around outdoor fires in eastern Turkey late Monday, trying to cope with chilly temperatures. They were spending the night in tents, hoping to avoid dangerous aftershocks.

A strong earthquake rocked eastern part of the country early Monday morning, killing at least 51 villagers. Rescue workers are still searching for trapped survivors.

'It was very cold last night and it was very crowded here, even children, elder people and patients were here,' said survivor Cigdem Durmaz. 'It was really cold, we were freezing. Thanks to the Turkish State, they provided us with tents, they delivered blankets and food supplies.'

Turkey is a country that frequently suffers earthquakes. Although this latest one was powerful, it wasn't as destructive as the one that hit in August 1999. The 7.4 magnitude quake killed 18,000 people that summer.

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