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UK battered by strong winds and heavy rain

Staff writer
December 13, 2011 — The United Kingdom has been pummeled by wind and heavy rain since last week – and it’s not letting up yet.

Waves crashed into the shore in Scotland
Waves crashed into the shore in Scotland

On Tuesday, the Meteorological Office issued a yellow alert (“be aware”) for almost all of the UK. Rain will continue falling and peak wind gusts are expected to top 100 km/h.

In addition, flood warnings have been issued for many parts of England after 40 mm of rain fell in 24 hours.

In Scotland, severe weather warnings for snow were also issued for eight regions, in addition to the wind and rain warnings. The snow will start falling today, and could cause disruptions during evening rush hour.

High winds caused a wind turbine to explode
High winds caused a wind turbine to explode

This comes just days after Scotland was hit with a massive windstorm that caused thousands of power outages and caused a wind turbine to set on fire.

Peak winds gusted over 260 km/h – the second highest gusts ever recorded in the UK. The strongest gust ever was 278 km/h, which happened 20 years ago in March of 1986.

Officials say they aren’t 100 per cent sure of the forecast for later this week, but it’s almost certain that there will be some rain. Wednesday is predicted to be sunny and breezy for most places, with another helping of high winds and rain moving in on Thursday and Friday.

That storm was originally forecast to be very powerful, but forecasters are now saying it will be weaker in the UK and move into France and Germany.

The Met Office says this is one of the stormiest periods the UK has seen in several years.

With files from BBC

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