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Flooding Causing Problems In Northeast U.S.

April 3, 2010 — The Northeast U.S. took a beating when heavy rains pummelled the region -- and now residents are dealing with the aftermath.

Throughout eastern Massachusetts rivers crested Thursday and are expected to remain in flood stage for the next few days.

Some Boston residents were evacuated from their homes and many roads are engulfed by water.

The state has deployed the National Guard to help with relief efforts in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Nearly 3500 residents have applied for federal emergency flood assistance over the past month.

President Barack Obama toured the flooded areas and met with emergency workers at operation centres in Massachusetts. Obama said, 'I want everyone to know that we are working closely, minute by minute, with authorities in both states, to provide the necessary assistance.'

New Jersey residents are also under water following two major storms earlier this week. Many homes are completely flooded from the heavy rains.

March was a total wash-out for New Jersey. It was the wettest month on record for the state with over 25 centimeters falling.

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