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Homeless in Washington, D.C. Endure Another Storm

February 10, 2010 — For a city that usually only gets a light dusting each winter, two major storms in one week is a lot to handle for Washington's homeless population.

In downtown Washington, the city's homeless population spent last night gathering supplies and bracing for the worst.

A powerful system is sweeping over the city today. Despite the fact that shelters have been set up across the city, many have chosen to stay outside and weather the storm.

'It's up to you to curl up and stay warm,' said Bernard Spalding from his spot on a downtown sidewalk.

Yang Jin feels the same way. 'I don't worry about the snowstorm,' he said.

However, this hasn't stopped the city's efforts to encourage the homeless to come indoors. The government has vans designated to finding the homeless and transporting them to local shelters.

'The best they can do is ask them,' says Donald Page, who helps run a homeless shelter near Washington's Capitol building. 'If they say no, they will give them something warm to drink and eat, a blanket ... and they will check up on them.'

Another 30 to 50 centimetres of snow could fall in Washington throughout the day today.

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