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Village underwater in Saskatchewan

Flooded homes in Roche Percee
Flooded homes in Roche Percee

Lisa Varano, staff writer

June 20, 2011 — Flood threat not yet over in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Water on road west of Estevan
Water on road west of Estevan

One small village in southeastern Saskatchewan, unable to hold back water after a deluge of rain, is flooded.

A viewer photo submitted to The Weather Network shows deep floodwater surrounding homes in the village of Roche Percee.

People living in the village say the streets were flooded Sunday after a dike breach on Souris River.

“The hole got bigger and bigger and the water started coming in faster and faster, and now pretty much our whole street is underwater,” one resident told The Canadian Press.

About 150 people live in Roche Percee, according to the last Canadian census. The village issued an evacuation alert on Saturday.

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority had warned Roche Percee, and nearby Estevan, that water levels would rise over the weekend. The watershed authority had to increase outflows from dams after Friday's heavy rain caused flash flooding in Weyburn and area reservoirs to fill up.

Outflow increased from Rafferty Dam on Saturday
Outflow increased from Rafferty Dam on Saturday

The same thing could happen again, depending on how much rain falls over the coming days.

Another 30 to 45 mm of rain is forecast for already-soaked southeastern Saskatchewan through Monday.

Since last Friday, 40 to 80 mm of rain has fallen on southeastern Saskatchewan -- an area that has seen wet weather all spring long.

People in Estevan are worried the city could be the next one to flood. Water has spilled onto roads in the area, the city reports on its website. Estevan has issued an evacuation alert for a trailer park.

Since May 1, Estevan has seen more than 280 mm of rainfall. In Weyburn, more than 110 mm of rain has fallen since Friday.

With files from Sana Ahmed

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